a crew of thinkers, designers,

and techies creating experiences

that make you go “Oh damn”. Building exciting stuff is our superpower!

What happens when creativity meets problem-solving? You get us!

We are a bunch of digital pirates who help new brands start up and old ones start over. Based in Delhi and Surat and the cafes we occupy every now the then.


We aspire to be the sky-shot propellers

for the brands of tomorrow. Your brand is our moonshot.

Thinking out of the box is a quote we live by and half of our bodies are coffee. The rest is creativity.

Our offerings

Scratch to ship product development & management.


Your brand is a person who we dress in panache and bring to life.


Solving the web puzzle with design that engages and funnels that convert.


Building your tech trail for rapid outreach and swift feedback.


We make data and storytelling shake hands to let marketing happen.

Done and delivered!

We sip and ship!

Anything digital, tech?

Slide into our DMs!


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© 2023 Elleg | All rights reserved.